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Ready for the next step?

If you've already started on this journey but you've found it difficult to achieve balance, you're experiencing homeschool burnout, or you've simply lost your zeal, then this 3-week ecourse will provide all the tools you need to keep going.

If you've already seen my free homeschooling webinars and you're hungry for more, then join me as we explore tips and tricks for successful homeschooling, from:

June 7th to June 21st, 2023

Niki Rodrigues is a mom of eight with over 13 years of experience in homeschooling (from birth through secondary school). She also hosts the international podcast “Homeschooling Matters,” with listeners in over 40 countries!

Who Is This E-Course For?

If you've recently begun homeschooling or have been for a while, this online course is for you!

What's In This E-Course?

As your mentor, I will provide critical guidance and support and “virtually” hold your hand as you figure out what works for your homeschooling family!


Helping you navigate some of the very real challenges such as:


  • Avoiding homeschool burnout

  • Creating schedules that work

  • Meal planning and preparation

  • Supporting their passions

  • And much more!


Plus you'll be joining a wonderful, growing community of families who have also embarked on this journey and building connections that can last a lifetime. 

Live Weekly Sessions & Q&A

Join me live weekly for guidance, mentorship, and Zoom discussions about the week’s topics and video content.

Informative Videos

Watch informative videos on a wide range of topics related to homeschooling practically for your family.

Engaging Assignments

Complete relevant, practical, and useful assignments which will directly improve your ability to effectively homeschool your children.


How Much Is It?

“It can be difficult to figure out what works for you and your family when it comes to homeschooling, which is why I want to share practical tools and methods to raise successful, well-rounded kids. I want each and every homeschooling family to thrive throughout their unique journey and I hope this course will help you.”

– Niki Rodrigues

  • Only $499 for this comprehensive, 3-week mentorship e-course!

  • Same price for both parents (in one household).

Sign up today!

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