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Join the course and unleash your makeup potential!

Are you ready to elevate your makeup skills to new heights? If you're a teen or young adult and have a passion for the art of makeup, this is the perfect opportunity for you! We'll take you on a journey through the world of cosmetics, teaching you essential techniques for flawless foundation application,  stunning eye looks and perfect lip art.

Our experienced teacher will guide you every step of the way, sharing her expertise and helping you unlock your full makeup potential. Get hands-on experience and learn how to bring out the best in your features.

Don't miss out on this chance to enhance your creativity and express

yourself through makeup. Enroll now and get ready to unleash your inner makeup artist!

August 29th | 10AM - 4PM

Who's The Teacher?

This workshop will be facilitated by Niki Rodrigues and taught by Avalon Sahadeo. Avalon is a certified makeup artist whose journey in makeup took her through a cosmetology programme and  additional courses to build her expertise. Since her career began in 2011, she has been on countless professional production sets and TV, modelling and photoshoot gigs as well as working as the lead MUA for some local celebrities.

Through her company A Makeup Affair, Avalon has provided her top-notch services, courses, classes, and products to her clients and continues to inspire young women to courageously pursue their dreams.

What's The Price?

Access this exciting class with all tools and materials included to unlock your makeup artistry skills for just $495!

What's The Plan?

Our comprehensive lesson plan covers all aspects of makeup artistry, including:


  • Proper skin care;

  • Face prep;

  • Applying foundations and concealers;

  • Applying eyeshadow;

  • Day time and night time looks;

  • Makeup dos and don'ts;

  • How to build an essential kit;

  • And much more!

Sign up today!

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