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Get your children ready to go back to school!

Join me and Kayla Alexander as we discuss the skills, habits, and practices needed to succeed academically and beyond—all while learning to paint!

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
August 29th, 2022

Niki Rodrigues is an accomplished motivational speaker with well over a decade of experience encouraging and uplifting people of all ages to become the best versions of themselves. Her workshops for children and teens especially have been quite well-received for her dynamic approach.

Kayla Alexander is a young, self-taught traditional and digital artist and student of the arts. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor's in Fashion Design. She specialises in acrylic painting, drawing, fashion design, and digital content. You can commission her or purchase one of her pieces on her website.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Open to schoolchildren of all ages.

What's The Cost?

$400, inclusive of materials and refreshments.

What's In This Workshop?

  • Enhancing study skills.

  • Practicing healthy time management.

  • Developing social media etiquette.

  • Overcoming mental and emotional health challenges.

  • Building self esteem.

  • Navigating new environments.

  • Engaging in art therapy.

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